Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Cyber Criminals And The National Security - 2126 Words

In these days, internet is more important than ever, and therefore, having security plans will, at least, make things challengeable for hackers. Dinicu (2014) claims that cyber criminals’ threats to the national security are the most dangerous and most recent ones. Also, she writes, hackers’ main focus is more on democratic countries and multinational organizations than the non-democratic countries (Dincu 2014). Fifty years ago, we would not have to worry about internet security because we would not have so much money and privacy depending on internet. But nowadays, our communication, money, traveling, etc. can be affected by one or more cyber criminals. We work and our money comes to us using direct-deposit; we call our loved ones†¦show more content†¦Therefore, it is crucial to learn about the methods that hackers use to steal information. By learning about hacking, we can help ourselves and others to stay safe while using the internet. One of the ways in whi ch hackers steal information from people is physically. In physical hacking, hackers are usually trusted by their victims or have some sort of relationship with them. One example is getting papers that show PII (Personal Identifiable Information) from the garbage cans. According to Arlistch and Edelman (2014), one of the easiest hacking methods is physical hacking. They claim that physical hacking are usually more successful because they are quicker and hackers sometimes find the information they want stored in thumb drives and old devices. The information hackers find sometimes helps them to access victims accounts, and they get more information by finding important data about their victims. In addition to papers, hackers are really interested in thumb drives, old cell phones, and anything that can store information. We may think that we can delete our files from a thumb drive and it is safe to let someone to barrow it or get it after clear the thumb drive and format it, but it is not. In fact, hackers can get many files from the devices and thumb drives that have been formatted multiple times using recovery software programs. In some other cases, hackers have direct access to the

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